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Chocolate Easter egg


A new step in the Easter tradition with this chocolate egg with a classic recipe of bavarois. The tradition of Easter eggs is a very ancient one, it derives from the celebration of Spring as rebirth. It is the only celebration in the Christian calendar which has a variable date, ... Read More
06/04/2020Carlotta Conti
cauliflower gratin, sformato cavolfiore




Cauliflower is normally not a very exciting dish, but you can give it some pizazz thanks to this recipe: a crispy and flavourful gratin turns a conventional vegetable into a real treat. This recipe uses the same ingredients as a Mornay sauce, but is a bit lighter because there is ... Read More
25/03/2020Carlotta Conti
Asparagus Risotto asparagi


This recipe of risotto is typical of Tuscany and Northern Italy, where asparagus is a symbol of Spring. I use a variety of asparagus that is local and smaller but tastier of bigger varieties. Risotto is a much appreciated first course on Italian tables, and this recipe can be ... Read More
14/03/2020Carlotta Conti
Tangerine gelo Mandarino


Tangerine gelo. The mere mention of this dessert evokes a sensation of freshness, citrus scents, and summer nights. Tangerine gelo is a typical recipe of the Sicilian tradition. Whereas its origin has been lost over time it likely has its roots in the Arab-Norman domination, so rich in creativity, ... Read More
05/03/2020Carlotta Conti
zabaione mousse with biscuits


Zabaione is a fluffy mixture of egg yolks, sugar and a sweet wine, usually a Moscato d’Asti or Marsala wine. As a mousse, the addition of fresh whipping cream lends a more sophisticated touch to a very traditionale dessert. Cooked in a bain-marie, zabaione is usually served, still ... Read More
15/02/2020Carlotta Conti