The Italian Pork Road … from Romagna to Florence

The Italian Pork Road … from Romagna to Florence

A genuine Romagna woman, I moved from Ravenna to Florence because finally I had found someone who wanted to make a respectable woman out of me!

For all those who do not know Emilia-Romagna, an eastern region of northern Italy, we are the ones on the seaside, the ones who immediately offer their guests a nice glass of wine! …not water, like in Emilia!

Pleasure-loving and passionate, children of Ravenna grow up surrounded by beauty, art, history and delicious flavors. Even the food itself tells the stories of our history with influences from all those who visited our lands – both through trade and invasion.

However, despite living in Florence for more than 18 years, my distinct and unmistakable Romagna hissing “s” and “z” remain, along with my joie-de-vivre.

Combining my passions for cooking and culture, I enjoy exploring the delicious horizons of Italian food, and helping others learn alongside me.

Stretching back more than 2000 years, the love of pork has fuelled the people of the Romagna region. It is in relatively recent years that the local wild boar population diminished, so it was actually a duel love that brought me to Tuscany, eager to enjoy the flavours of local cinghiale again.

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About the Author

Growing up in Emilia Romagna, a region known for Parmesan, Parma ham, lasagna, and filled pasta, a great deal of my childhood was spent in the kitchen with my grandmother and mother.

Even at a very young age, I could see that for them cooking was a passionate expression of their love for their family. While I’m filled with many warm memories of watching them cook, what I remember most is circling the table and watching the stove, waiting for any opportunity I could to steal a taste.